Meet Our TLItes

Dylan Smith

Chicago, Illinois

“At Teklink I have been able to learn cutting edge analytics technologies while at the same time working with clients to deliver optimal solutions. The experience gained here will definitely prove valuable to my career.”

Shelly Jain

Charlotte, North Carolina

“Working at Teklink is multi-faceted, challenging and interesting. Teklink has provided me with a wide spectrum of opportunities that has allowed me to progress in multiple ways and at an accelerated pace. My managers support and encourage my professional growth. I feel appreciated and trusted. “

Sameer Pandey

Hyderabad, India

“Time flies so fast it’s been 9 years with TekLink and I think Many great years are yet to come. TekLink is a People-Centric Company that cares about its employees. TekLink gives you the opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally. This company helps individuals from different cultures, attitude, and skillset to reach their full potential”

Jaime Medina

Guadalajara, Mexico

“TekLink has made my work-life very exciting and enjoyable, from the diverse and dedicated workforce to different projects and locations… There is never a dull moment at TekLink.”

Deekshith Palisetty

Hyderabad, India

“I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job as my boss and team allow me to innovate and listen to my ideas. We all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality. I love being appreciated and listened to.”

Ciaran Hickey

Dublin, Ireland

“What makes TekLink great is that everyone has a stake in the company’s success.  We are very team-driven, and we put the collective goals ahead of individual glory…… egos are left at the door. Everyone at TekLink is smart, driven energetic, and fun to work with. We believe and love what we do, and it shows in our family-driven, inclusive culture.”

Navaneetha Chutke

Hyderabad, India

“People here in Teklink are very professional and extremely talented. Work culture is as equal as in any MNC company. I personally learned new skills in a very short span of time. There is a good work-life balance.”

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