TekLink’s Promotion and Trade Management offerings are designed specifically to address some of the critical challenges faced in the consumer goods and retail industries.

The two driving principles and observations from the consumer goods and retail industry that have helped us shape some of our main offerings are:

  • Evolving omnichannel realities, and retail consolidation resulting in an increased pressure to decide on a competitive pricing strategy
  • A change in the shopper behavior with regards to the channels they look at such as online or in-store, preferences such as healthy, indulgent, or any other value addition, e.g. post-purchase service, buying experience, and others.

These factors have resulted in an increasing number of discerning consumers making changes to their promotional strategies for each of their brands. Companies are now actively deciding on their price points, the promotional strategies, and how to vary their products/brands as compared to the traditional products. Consequently, the organizations must undergo adigital transformation to reengage, reimagine value, and reinvent formats to be able to survive and grow.

TekLink’s solutions enable our clients to address the above and more, by providing the following offerings:

Trade Management

Promotion Optimization

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics






Service Offerings

Our Promotion and Trade Management offerings help our clients drive revenue, volume, and internal margin growth as well as customer category growth resulting in a reduction of lost sales, better supply chain planning, and maintaining optimum inventory levels.

Our Offerings

  • Trade Management (Trade Promotion Management and Sales Volume Planning) Advisory and Blueprint Services
  • TM implementation services for Customer Business Planning (CBP) and Trade Promotion Management (TPM)
  • SAP Trade Promotion Management (TPM) upgrade
  • Advanced offerings: ATMA (Advanced Analytics Trade Management), a.k.a. TPO (Trade Promotion Optimization)
  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven Promotion Effectiveness – Leverage our real-time shelf testing for promotion effectiveness.



TekLink’s TPM Accelerators


Our Trade and Promotion experts have developed accelerators which provide the following benefits:

  • Speed to delivery
  • Make the right choices upfront
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • Best practices and quality
  • Better tool adoption




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