TekLink Innovation Day Event : TIDE 2015

TekLink Innovation Day Event : TIDE 2015

It was a great pleasure to interact with so many customers at TekLink Innovation Day Event -TIDE (Sept 17-18, 2015) – our 2 day event with key technologies and strategies to help you learn, discover, connect, and network. As a recap, TIDE 2015 attendees spent a full day with us learning about Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Planning and Forecasting, Cloud Applications, HANA and much more.

With over 800 successful Analytics and Planning projects, we have defined “Best Practices” for Success. This is why you can always look forward to meeting TekLink experts at major conferences and local events . Also, stay tuned to hear exciting news about our groundbreaking partnerships, development and thought leadership in the coming weeks and months.

Join us as we partner with SAP and ASUG:

SAP TechEd | Las Vegas | Oct 19-23, 2015:

SAPInsider Reporting & Analytics | Las Vegas | Nov 17-19, 2015

SAPInsider Project Management | Las Vegas | Nov 17-19, 2015

Let us know if you are planning to attend any of these upcoming 2015 events so you can network with our experts.

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