Cloud Migration and

Infrastructure Services


Designing a Robust and Secure Cloud Platform



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Cloud Migration and Cloud Infrastructure Services


Cloud Platform Design and Architecture

Design the Best Model for your Cloud Platform



Our technology sages will help your organization architect and design the best cloud platform for either a 100% cloud model or a hybrid model (on-prem and cloud)


– Create an efficient platform for managing not only your infrastructure but hosting large data sets including IOT

– Efficiently manage your IT infrastructure and enable both high availability and redundancy


Cloud Migration

Optimize your Transition from On-Prem to the Cloud



TekLink will show you how to reduce downtime, optimize your migration cost and develop a migration strategy


– TekLink’s cloud migration process includes assessment of the requirement, understanding both the criticality of applications and their interdependencies

– Our team will work with your organization to understand your business SLA’s to minimize downtime and business interruptions

– TekLink’s range of support services includes before, during and after your cloud migration

Cloud Security

Secure Your Cloud Platform From End to End


Leverage TekLink’s Security Experts to design a holistic security model encompassing:


Cloud Landscape with User Engagement, Hardware, Network, Storage and Data Management Tools

– Authentication

– Encrypted Data Transfer

– Company Compliant Security Model

TekLink can provide a Cloud Security Assessment, Penetration Tests and a Security Design Blue-Print along with deployment services


Cloud Backup and Recovery Services

Protect Against the Unexpected


Safeguard your company from damaging interruptions with a solid Cloud Recovery Plan and Data Restoration process. These include:


– Centrally configure backup policies and monitor backups

– Implementing Disaster Recovery blueprint based on cloud services and business requirements

– Optimize business Recovery Point Objective, Recovery Time Objective and Backup, Disaster Recovery and Recovery costs


Cloud Optimization

Architect an Optimal Cloud Platform Infrastructure



TekLink will assist you to plan for your hardware, storage, network, and security models in order to optimize your overall Cloud Infrastructure and Networking environment


– Optimize your cloud platform for both performance and cost management

– Enable best practices for monitoring your cloud platform

Managed Cloud Services

Holistic Oversight and Administration of your Cloud Environment



Outsource support services to monitor and maintain cloud environment


– Manage and administer cloud operations with state-of-the-art technical expertise, with industry-leading SLAs and security

– Support of cloud platform using Global delivery model in cost-effective manner


Case Studies





TekLink’s Cloud based Technical Services


Advisory Services


Cloud Migration and deployment strategy


Security Model Design, Assessment


Data and Storage Planning and Design


Architecture Design to extend in your investment with your Cloud Platform


Migration Planning





Implementation Services


Deploying your Cloud Infrastructure


Migration of Data from On-Prem to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud


Infrastructure Performance Tuning and Optimization


Migrating Applications such as SAP Analytics, Teradata, Oracle DBs or Netsuite onto Azure


Security Model Configuration


Managed Services


Monitoring Your Infrastructure Landscape


Performance and cost optimization


Maintenance and pro-active fine tuning










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