Optimized store stock with improved product availability by implementing big data solution

Optimized store stock with improved product availability by implementing big data solution

About the Client


The client is one of the largest American multinational food-manufacturing company producing cereal and convenience foods


Business Challenges


One of the significant issues that the client faced was the unavailability of the consolidated data of all the processes which led to slow customer processes and as a result affecting the response to the product availability enquiries from retailers.

Further, the existing system could not identify revenue improvement opportunities using the available external data.


The Solution


TekLink identified several areas for improvements in our client’s Point of Sale data management practices within the organization.


To address the issue, a data cleansing/data enrichment engine was designed in SCALA / Spark, connecting the PoS Data to EDW Database. This was done mainly to generate product availability KPIs for different retailers.


The solution focuses on the following aspects:


  • Connecting the Point of Sale (PoS) system and Inventory data through a third-party data service provider
  • Transferring PoS data into customer Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data lake ensuring data security
  • Integrating and enriching the PoS and Inventory data using Spark/SCALA processing engine while storing it into HDFS data lake
  • Enrich selective retailer’s PoS and Inventory data using BODS tool and load into SQL Server
  • Designing and building integration procedures and orchestration layer to move data into MemSQL & EDW using BODS
  • Developing custom reports and dashboards with product availability KPIs in Tableau on MemSQL database.


Outcome and Benefits


  • The end solution provides our client a distinct competitive advantage by adding the ability to compare the suppliers’ products pricing and other features – both in terms of features and prices and speed.
  • An increase in visibility of the company’s product availability and inventory at retailers enabling effective inventory and promotion management.
  • Enhanced capability to run targeted promotions and increased conversion opportunities
  • Improved visibility into revenue enhancement opportunities and higher profitability due to optimized supply chain efficiency.


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