Enabling data driven decision making with effective visualization

Enabling data driven decision making with effective visualization

About the Client:


Our client is an American national cosmetic brand with over 24,000 employees and 1100 stores.


Business Challenges:


  • The company grows rapidly, and needs a central source of truth for operations and KPIs
  • There are several separate data sources and business requires integrated reporting structure
  • Currently, analysts need to manually check reports to find and report abnormality


The Solution:


TekLink consultants, using Tableau visualization, delivered the following solution to the client:

  • Intuitive business reports – With simple designs and best data visualization helped client to easily monitor operations from overall and individual levels
  • Procedure organization – categorize orders by logistic procedures for users to easily find their information that allows them to effectively monitor the operation
  • Operation filters – using filters and search functions, users can easily select or type in keywords to view data for any shipping methods or procedures
  • Business abnormality monitoring – business will be alerted when abnormal activities happened. For example, when rejection rate is higher than 2%.
  • Simple but effective user friendly interface – Consistent use of color legends and efficient report layout results in a eCommerce dashboard that’s practical, easy to use, and consistent across the whole organization


Outcome and Benefits:


  • Client can utilize these Tableau dashboards to break down operations by various metrics, such as time, procedures, and shipping methods to gain actionable insights
  • eCommerce and logistic dashboards have numerous data visualization elements that showcase trends and data far more effectively than just numbers on a data crosstab
  • Extremely user-friendly dashboards for easier insights. After initial deployment, there have been over 10,000 views across all the dashboards
  • Easier process for maintaining dashboards, with the proper set-up of refresh schedules and data source implementation
  • Expedite user training with business reports that are simple and effective to use even for first time Tableau users


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