Deep FP&A Analytical Abilities leveraged to support Retail Operations

Deep FP&A Analytical Abilities leveraged to support Retail Operations

Deep FP&A Analytical Abilities leveraged to support Retail Operations

About the Client:

Our client is one of the leading beauty retailers operating over 1100+ stores within the United States.


Business Objective

Client aimed to develop one stop solution to plan both actual and budget hours, empowering them to modify the employee attributes along with actual hours after the pay roll period is closed, with minimum efforts


Business Challenges:

The key challenges in the existing process:

  • Scattered data across multiple databases (Access database, ECC, HANA)
  • Time-consuming and resource intensive data management
  • Inaccessibility of granular data (at employee / calendar level) for detailed analysis. For an example, client couldn’t generate comparison reports (Actual vs Budget Hours)
  • Complex and non-scalable Excel macros to manage/update existing access database
  • Attribute Planning and Comments Planning not possible
  • Manual and Error-prone reporting processes leading to delays in report generation due to multiple shifts/transfers/holidays etc


The Solution:

TekLink experts implemented a BW and planning solution to provide a flexible platform to plan the budget hours and attributes for each store. This solution enabled client to edit the attributes of employees along with actual hours and perform Comments Planning on weekly basis:

  • Built a planning solution using SAP BW Integrated Planning
  • Implemented an editable layout for Attribute Planning, Comments Planning and Measure planning
  • Built multiple operational reports such as Actual hours report, Weekly Budget report and Actual vs Budget hours report
  • Developed Custom Planning functions, leveraged SAP delivered planning functions and Planning Sequences
  • Leveraged BW IP FOX Formulas to dis-aggregate the budget hours to the expected data granularity
  • Implemented Best practices to develop a Highly scalable and versatile data models


Outcome and Benefits:

The Planning solution implemented by TekLink helped the client to:

  • Eliminate dependency on Microsoft Access databases which were getting non-functional due to ever-increasing Kronos data because of Business expansions
  • Ensure secure data storage and appropriate backups
  • Enable Attribute Planning and Comments Planning
  • Build a foundation for efficient store payroll reporting from BW on HANA to BI Dashboards


Client Quote

“It’s making an enormous difference and allowing [Company] to go after opportunities that were previously unknown and that have significant financial benefit”

Senior Director, Finance Planning &Analysis, Finance


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