Analyzing customer sentiment from social media data to plan product improvements

Analyzing customer sentiment from social media data to plan product improvements

About the Client:


Our client is one of the largest American multinational food-manufacturing company producing cereal and convenience foods.


Business Challenges:

Social media has empowered consumers to share their feedback over a virtual platform reaching maximum audiences possible. These positive & negative impressions impact a brand’s image and spreads like a wildfire, if not moderated or acted instantly. The damage social media impressions can cause to a brand is much deeper than it was presumed earlier. Due to enormous amount of feedback shared and views circulated by customers across the world over the widest range of products they produce, our client faced the following challenges:

  • Data standardization issues due to the unstructured nature of social media data with grammatical errors, acronyms etc.
  • Identifying the underlying sentiment amidst the noise.
  • Separating general sentiment from product specific feedback and clustering sentiments by products
  • Comparative sentiment analysis of competitor products


The Solution:


TekLink Big data experts identified the challenges in the early phase of discovery and implemented a customized solution which involved-

  • Extraction and collation of social media data ( twitter feeds) and publicly available feedback on consumer affairs panel  for client and their major competitor for a period of 6 Months.
  • Development of  a scoring system using R to separate the negative sentiments from the positive and neutral sentiments.
  • Analyzing sentiments expressed in words using NRC library and sentiments expressed in emotions/ emojis using NRC emotion library, from each tweet.
  • Custom models for data categorization was introduced for comments/ feedbacks that were not processable by the original model in order to eliminate the sentiment ambiguity
  • Generating word cloud for the words having higher frequencies using R


Outcome and Benefits:


Leveraging TekLink’s sentiment analysis solution, customer is able to

  • Extract and identify unbiased product reviews from consumers for own and competitors’ products
  • Recognize product improvement opportunities analyzing genuine customer feedbacks
  • Identify the relevant customer segment for targeted marketing
  • Analyze, respond and control any negative impact on the brand’s image by taking appropriate measures on time
  • Recognize and acknowledge the top users who had positive feedback for the brands and leveraging them as brand influencers to improve brand position


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