Achieving Data Personalization leveraging TekLink’s custom Security Solution based on Power BI and Power App

Achieving Data Personalization leveraging TekLink’s custom Security Solution based on Power BI and Power App

Achieving Data Personalization leveraging TekLink’s custom Security Solution based on Power BI and Power App

About the Client:


Our client is  a leading electrical and electronic products manufacturer for residential construction, industrial and utility applications. They also design and sell their own products  and have manufacturing units in different cities across the world.



Business Objectives:


Customer was using Power BI for their sales data visualization needs, but also had to use SAP Business Objects Explorer Solution for data security and user access management. This process was unwieldy, time-consuming with dependency on IT team.  The IT team thereby, wanted to provide a user-friendly solution in which a Power user from Business team can manage and maintain user accesses as required. Their objectives were as follows:

  • Implement row level security in their Power BI dashboards which can replace their existing SAP Business Objects Explorer Solution.
  • Develop an interface with data personalization capability alike the SAP Business Objects explorer’s functionality.
  • Restrict user access to ensure users ( salesperson ) can only view and access aggregated data for their regions only.
  • Limit Business user’s dependency on IT for user management, i.e.  to add, delete and edit user access, to reduce time expended in raising tickets, queue and resolution.



The Solution:


TekLink experts provided a bi-phased resolution which included Advisory services and Technical development  of the recommended solution. The recommendations by the Advisory consultants to accomplish the given business objectives and overcome the challenges were as follows:

  • Maintain two version of dashboards:
    • A regular Power BI dashboard
    • A Power BI dashboard with integrated Power APPs
  • Retain user mapping data (to the regions) in Excel uploaded on SharePoint
  • Develop user-friendly interface using Power App to access the data maintained in Excel
  • Embed Power App in Power BI dashboard to make it available for management by Business Users
  • Design dynamic row level security such that once mapping file is connected/loaded, all the aggregates reflected to individual users are as per the mapping defined in Excel.

The technical team executed the development of the solution that was recommended.Thus Power BI is used to do the analysis of their sales data and the embedded Power App interface enabled the same dashboard to do the personalization (add, delete and edit users data level access).



Outcome and Benefits:


The implementation of the above solution helped client to achieve the following benefits:

  • Simplified interface and back end with cost as their data visualization and data personalization requirements was being met by Power BI ( with Power Apps embedded) itself, replacing SAP Business Objects Explorer
  • Easy and improved onboarding of new users with no ambiguity in aggregates from other regional sales data
  • Improved data security for sales team users
  • Eliminated Business’s dependency on IT for user access management
  • No additional investment for new tool


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